Monday, January 31, 2022

Horus Heresy Review: Mortus Poisoner Squad

Within the Death Guard, the Mortus Poisoners were a cadre belonging to the Destroyer companies. Their point of differentiation from their brothers was to carry more, and more toxic chemicals on to the battlefield than even the Death Guard would usually prefer. Accordingly, to be assigned to the Poisoners was something of a condemnation and a sentence passed for disobedience, censure or similar. The members were inevitably sentenced to a slow demise thanks to their munitions.

The access to the flamers with the chemical components is the real attractive feature here. Indeed, multiple hits from either flamers or heavy flamers will spell the death of many units pitched against them. Add in some Phosphex bombs, and this squad is going to be rather deadly in combination with other parts of the Death Guard army. The counter attack rule is just the icing on the cake really. 

These marines are still marines. Worse, without upgrades, they are regular bolt gun wielding marines in hardened armour and a rad grenade. Sure, they will still cause carnage, but they just beg to be upgraded further. And this is what is totally recommended here. 

5 Poisoners, 5 flamers with chem munitions. (125 points).  
Something of a distraction squad, but also very effective mobile infantry and an effective entry level squad. Purchase a rhino and go hunting for opponents within cover. 

5 Poisoners, 4 Flamers and 1 Heavy Flamer with chem munitions, Master with power scythe and 1 Phosphex bomb (170 points).
Building on the squad above, this squad adds in a heavy flamer and extra capability from the Master to increase its deadliness value. Very good hunting material here. Take melta bombs to taste, although they are not cost effective here arguably.

10 Poisoners, 4 Flamers and 2 Heavy Flamers with chem munitions, Master with power scythe, artificer armour, and 2 Phosphex bombs (300 points).
A squad for a larger army overall. Take a rhino or other insertion method and get to work. You should probably consider melta bombs here to add to the fun. 

15 Poisoners, 3 Heavy Flamers and 12 Flamers with chem munitions, Master with power scythe, artificers armour, and 3 Phosphex bombs (420 points).
Find a way to insert (read: deep strike) and sit on an objective. Shoot at anything that comes to close, or be a distraction Carnifex to taste. Very good value melta bombs if desired. Might want to cut back on the flamers to exchange them for some bolt guns instead if you need to have a bit more range whilst objective camping?

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