Friday, May 22, 2020

Salamanders Shattered Legions Squad

Especially for those of you (plural) that asked: today is a picture of the completed Salamanders Shattered Legions squad.

Forged from the remains of multiple and diverse original Salamanders squads, the marines in this unit feature a variety of iconography (note the differing paint schemes for the helms for instance), armour marks, and equipment. Some are largely intact, some have a bolt pistol holster, but not pistol contained inside. Some have a few frag grenades, others are replete with extensive pouches. 

Most sport obvious battle scarring and damage. Several appear to have conducted field repairs to their armour on the move, incorporating a mixture of armour marks, and replacing parts from traitor legions. The most clear example of this is the brother with the Alpha Legion chaos back pack, but look closely for shoulder pads from other legions, and greaves too. This is all intentional and meant to reflect the harsh survival conditions that they have undergone in the Urgall Depression on Isstvan 5. 

The bases are done with a combination of various grades of sand, stones, and grit, coupled with cork, and an assortment of plastic pieces to give them a unified feeling. I've blackened parts of the 32mm bases to provide a war torn feeling which I think works well to offset their armour colours. 


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Luvely Jubbly, they look great, thanks mate!

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