Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Horus Heresy Review: Ruinstorm Daemon Brute

These daemons are the vanguard: they are hulking husks of flesh charged with the power of the warp standing ready to charge in to any enemy at a moment's notice. They are big (towering is the exact word used in the description) and ready to cause mayhem.

The main strength here is the Vanguard of Hell special rule which is in common with the Daemon Lords. They can come on first turn - no rolling necessary. Automatic hammer of wrath is very nice too.

This is combined with a healthy stat line overall which can and will cause issues in the early turns for opponents.

Here the stat line has only 8 in leadership. This is a menace to the controlling player and must be kept in mind. Fundamentally, this unit is a bodyguard unit for another HQ, but can be selected in its own right as an elites option. Given the lack of any other elites option, every player is going to take it in some form or other I guess, if the points are there.


Resplendent Terror Builds:
6 Brutes, Warp-scaled hide. (360 points).
Purely a build for ablative wounds for a generic daemon lord. Take extra emanations to taste. Brass collars are better here if you are playing resplendent terror, but otherwise, this is generic for any dominion. Whittle down to 3 for a true bodyguard for a daemon lord.

3 Brutes, wings, rift barbs. (174 points).
Go forth and kill transports. Then kill the occupants. 

Crimson Fury Build:
5 Brutes, Brass Collars, Sundering Fangs (300 points).
For Khorne, these might be juggernauts possibly. 

Creeping Scourge Build:
6 Brutes, Miasma of Rot, Warp-scaled hide (346 points).
Hellish for opponents. And they stick around well. I don't know what models these are though. Replace warp hide with wings for large flying drones of nurgle perhaps. 

Lurid Onslaught Build:
3 Brutes, Stupefying Musk, Crushing Claws (174 points).
Again, not a clue what model these are, possibly just chaos spawn. 

Maddening Swarms:
3 Brutes, Warp Scions, Bone Shard Harpoons (168 points).
More magic for Tzeentch! Plus a bit of dakka to encourage you to get closer. 

Mirror of Hate:
3 Brutes, Warp Scions, Wings (174 points).
Also suitable for Tzeentch, which is why they're good here too I guess. If only mirror of hate could take the warp scions though. They can't. Just take wings instead and be done with it. 

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