Monday, June 17, 2019

Gloomtide Shipwreck ghostly painting

This is a bit of a work in progress, but regardless, I wanted to share the basic painting technique that I've used on this piece of scenery from the Age of Sigmar.

This piece is actually really detailed and a splendid addition to most gaming boards that feature any amount of water. Even in the grim dark future of 40k, it could readily be used for a backward feudal planet. Or maybe just random remains.

Here, I have gone with a white spray undercoat (Corax White). I added an extra layer of the same once the first was dry to ensure that the white was coming through nicely and good enough to take the next layer. In short, the next layer was a combination of Hexwraith Flame (green, upper parts) and Nighthaunt Gloom (blue, lower parts). This was followed by a dry brush of Nihilakh Oxide to bring the two colours together and create a very ghostly look that will ultimately tie in with the previous terrain pieces that I have prepared for use with this one (i.e. the blue-green shardwrack spines).

What remains now is to attend to some of the details that I do not want remaining in the ghostly colour. Namely the lower part of the ship where it touches the floor. Although, even there, I'm somewhat happy with the result remaining in this scheme to be honest!

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