Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Horus Heresy Review: Ruinstorm Lesser Daemons

Fans of the setting will know precisely what these creatures are: the plague bearers, bloodletters, horrors, and daemonettes. But also perhaps furies. All are appropriate for this entry in the ruin storm daemons list and in the builds below, I try to recreate them explicitly, and more besides. The background from the book states that these are the bulk of the hordes and found in all shapes and colours. There's much scope here for customisation.

They have a stat line like a space marine, but with two wounds and attacks. Their leadership is a bit more than rubbish though at seven. Hence there is a need here to be careful with them against too frequent perils of the warp. Their saves are basic daemon as well.

Despite the two wounds, these daemons are vulnerable to many units in the game. Sure, in the first few turns, they are really powerful, should they be in a position to charge. But later in the game, they cannot be relied on. When they drop to three in toughness, they can be instant killed much more readily. Hence despite being troops (i.e. scoring), they are in serious danger later on. Plus, at 12points each, the points cost soon starts to add up to large values.

Lots to consider here. Most of them are large units, but smaller ones are fine in a number of cases too. I've chosen larger ones for threat level really, but also to keep some wounds on the table when they lose some of perils of the warp. However, smaller squads are very reasonable to take some of the more powerful shooting weapons that are restricted to 1 per X members of the squad.

Resplendent Terror Builds:
20 lesser daemons (240 points).
Naked daemons! Eek! They're just a screen and a big blob. But enough of them means trouble.

20 lesser daemons, wings, crushing claws (440 points).
Furies, almost. Fly in, start to kill things. Replace the crushing claws with flensing talons, or sundering fangs to taste.

20 lesser daemons, bone shard harpoons (300 points).
Daemons with bolt pistols? Use them like marines I guess.

Crimson Fury Build:
20 lesser daemons, brass collars, crushing claws (440 points).
Pseudo-Bloodletters. I find it a pity that I cannot give them something like an AP3 sword. Oh well.

Creeping Scourge Build:
20 lesser daemons, miasma of rot, warp-scaled hide (400 points).
These plague bearers will be sticking around a lot! As an alternative, replace the hide with (or simply crank up the points by adding) molten blood to simulate Nurgle's Rot.

Lurid Onslaught Build:
20 lesser daemons, stupefying musk, crushing claws, quicksilver speed (460 points).
An attempt at daemonettes. Save points by removing quicksilver speed?

Maddening Swarms Build:
20 lesser daemons, warp scions (300 points).
Pink horrors or blue horrors. Perhaps add some shooting for added utility.

Mirror of Hate Build:
20 lesser daemons, spine volley, wings, warp scaled hide (500 points).
No idea what I'm doing here, but it felt good! Too expensive realistically. 

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