Saturday, June 15, 2019

Azyrite Ruins

When the Azyrite ruins came out, I knew that I wanted to purchase a set to paint up for my terrain collection as they looked really nice on the internet and I thought that they could readily fit in to a 40k game, as well as Age of Sigmar. 

The construction of the ruins is very, very simple. Here I have glued the parts together so that no two parts look the same. This ensures some variation for the on-looker, and players alike.

For the painting of these ruins, I have deliberately kept it basic. An undercoat of white, followed by a layer of dark brown as the base coat. This is gone over with a wash of brown-black mud colour (my own concoction) and then drybrushing with kislev flesh. This is accented with the green columns for which I have used a white basecoat and then inked with Hexwraith Flame. I find the hexwraith technical paint a very nice product to work with (largely since it does all the work, similar in some ways to the new contrast paints, except it is very livid in colour). This is doused down with a slightly darker ink before a little bit of drybrushing to help out with the details.

The overall effect is one of a very aged set of ruins, and one that looks right at home in both Age of Sigmar, as well as the grim dark future of Warhammer 40,000. 

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