Monday, December 12, 2016

Sequestered Industries Editorial

Here at Warpstone Flux, we don't do too much advertising (we dropped google ads a few years ago; we might return in the future who knows). We don't do too many giveaways (although I would consider it in the future perhaps). Nor have a constant demand to sponsor us (we have no sponsors at the moment or buttons to buy me a pint, but we do respond to incoming messages that want answers to Horus Heresy questions, etc.; Significantly: we don't ask for anything in return so long as you understand real life might mean delayed responses). It has also been a very long time since I did any conversion and painting commission work (I could be persuaded to do that again, but clearly my time is limited -- if you're interested in that you can email me and we'll have a look at the schedule).

That said, we do have a business that raises money for the hobby and for many of the things that you see on this blog: Sequestered Industries. Plus I pay full UK taxes to run this hobby business in my own time -- its not some shady moonlighting thing!

Sequestered Industries sells roleplaying games and roleplaying game accessories in both pdf and hardcopy formats (depending on the product) through; and Many of these have attractive (independent) positive reviews due to their standards. 

Our back catalogue contains:
Astulae: a full roleplaying game, campaign setting and system that has achieved Copper Best Seller status. Check out the preview video below.

Expansions for Astulae include: Necrogenic; Encountered and Understorm.

Other products include:
Flux Battle Objectives (a PDF of the various rules we've already published here on Warpstone Flux and more);
One Hundred Planets (for detailed descriptions of sci-fi planets on the go);
One Hundred Alternate Histories (also a Copper Best Seller; for any time line exploration adventures);
One Hundred Alternate Realities (for when you need some oddities to spice you your rpgs);

Plus a wide variety of place name generators in multiple flavours:

And name generators for:
all of which have been done by research in my own time. 

Hence, this is an infrequent blog post to say that if you like the kinds of things that you see on the blog, and you are in to roleplaying games or any of the areas that Sequestered Industries specialises in, then please check out the Sequestered Industries range of products in the run up to the Christmas season. Profits from this business have enabled many posts here on Warpstone Flux by purchasing some of the miniatures seen (the Warhound Titan in particular) as well as the the odd Horus Heresy rule book once in a while. From google analytics, I know that the Horus Heresy reviews are by far the most popular posts on this blog at the moment. 

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