Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Most Popular in 2016 on Warpstone Flux

It is that time of year where I do a quantum of naval gazing to see what has been popular on this blog over the past year. So, below (in reverse order, leading up to the most popular post of the year) are the landing pages that have received the most hits on Warpstone Flux this year. 

10. In tenth spot, we have a 30k Army List for Night Lords using Terror Assault. Considering that I don't have much material or love for the Night Lords, this post has done really rather well!

9. A 1850 Points Death Guard Army List for 30k using the Reaping rite of war comes in at 9th place. Impressive, considering the Alpha Legion focus that I have for army lists, but clearly there is a hunger for other sample army lists out there that I should pay attention to perhaps.

8. Impressively, the Iron Hands legion rules review comes in at 8th in the 2016 list. 

7. The Word Bearers legion rules review came higher in terms of hits than I might have otherwise imagined in 2016. 

6. My guide to the Basics of Horus Heresy Army List Building has seen a solid number of hits. I am personally a little surprised that it didn't do a lot better than 6th highest spot for the year!

5. The Iron Warriors legion rules review lands in a high spot for 2016. I'm pleasantly surprised at this placing to be honest!

4. Always a popular choice, the Imperial Fists legion rules review has received a good number of hits this year, landing it just outside the top three. 

3. Shockingly, the Night Lords legion rules review comes in as the third most popular article on this site for 2016. I'm a little surprised as I don't really have much love for the Night Lords to offer anyone. Yet, my reviews of the Night Lords seem inordinately popular. But not as popular as the next two posts. 

2. The Alpha Legion rules review comes in as the second most popular post of the entire year. Given my own interest (and large army) of Alpha Legion marines, this is good!

1. The most popular page on Warpstone Flux by a factor of at least two is the Horus Heresy Review Summary page. This might not be a surprise given some of the above entries to be fair! 

So there we go. Not a single entry in the top ten is from outside of Horus Heresy / 30k. And more than that, only a few of the posts are from 2016…! Perhaps not surprising, but I do try to post occasionally on roleplaying games (etc!) and on 40k itself from time to time. But I will freely admit that my passion at the moment is indeed in 30k. So I can live with that!

Interestingly, I also (and periodically through 2016) received an inordinate amount of hits from Russia and the USA (bots!) that were very VERY targeted at certain posts. For example, three of my current top five posts (right hand side column) are a result of this targeting. They've bumped the Alpha Legion rules review way down (further done than it deserves to be) right at this moment in time in favour of Wargames Gallery style posts. Not sure if anyone else is getting these kind of random hits to be honest -- let me know in the comments!


Spot1cus said...

I have seen random spikes in hits as well from Russia. Neat to know that I am not alone.

jabberjabber said...

Seems like bot hits from Russia are common at the moment across the gaming blogosphere from what folks are telling me

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