Saturday, December 10, 2016

Salamaders Legion 30k Army List: 2000 points + The Awakening Fire

This army list explores what happened to Salamanders Legion members who were not assigned to the Retribution fleet after the Istvaan V conflict when most of the legion was wiped out, and more significantly: after Vulkan went missing. This rite of war represents the anger and flame that that ignited inside the Salamanders after this and the darker path that some of them trod. 

As such, it has to have a Chaplain inside the list to instil a bit of hatred in the ranks. But more than this, there are some really neat special rules such as the new beam ability known as "Fury of the Salamander" that becomes available to a Salamanders Librarian that seems like a must to me. More than this, they take advantage of their ability to cause fear in others (a bit like the Night Lords -- shudder!). 

List Building.
This is a list that needs both a chaplain and a librarian to take full advantage of it. However, the draw backs of only having one type of flyer, skimmer, jet bike, or jump infantry really precludes having a jet pack chaplain with an assault squad sadly. Hence these HQs must either go it alone, it team up with a much larger squad and foot slog (or take a bigger transport frankly). 

In the list below, I opt for a mechanised format: almost every squad has a transport to get it where it needs to be. The idea being to jump out of the transport and cause fear before getting stuck right in where required. 

Playing off the Salamanders theme, I wanted meltas and flamers, with a touch of plasma to boot as well. In the end, I couldn't quite fit in the flamers that I wanted, but I got the other two. As can be seen, I've also exploited the Salamanders special storm shields across the board as well. 

Legion Chaplain with power fist, melta bombs, dragon scale storm shield (120 points)

Legion Librarian (level 3) with Scimitar jet bike, dragon scale storm shield (195 points)

Legion Praetor (100 points)
A naked praetor just for the rite of war. 

Firedrake Terminator Squad with 2xchain fists, 2xthunder hammers, fire drake master with master-crafted thunder hammer, dragon scale storm shield, dedicated legion spartan (635 points)

Legion tactical squad, 19 strong, sergeant with melta bombs and power fist (195 points)

Legion tactical squad, 10 strong, sergeant with melta bombs, power fist, artificer armour, dedicated rhino with havoc launcher, all with bolt pistols plus close combat weapons (210 points)

Legion tactical support squad, 5 strong, all with melta guns, sergeant with artificer armour and melta bombs, dedicated rhino transport with havoc launcher (240 points)

Heavy Support:
Deredeo Pattern Dreadnouth with aiolos missile launcher, hellfire plasma cannonade (255 points)

The idea here is to have the chaplain with the terminators on board the spartan in the most common set up. Failing that, have the larger tactical squad in there. The other one will objective sit. The other two troops squads will mount up in their rhinos to be useful where needed (blowing up tanks and or engaging other enemies). The Deredeo provides a huge amount of backfield support for the advancing army. Meanwhile the librarian goes solo and zips around the board to try to get off his nice new beam weapon and get enemy units fleeing off the board thanks to the Elemental Horror side effect!

Vulkan is dead, and so is the edict in his opinion, clearly. They're angry marines now. And they want to hurt the traitors. Badly.

For a bit more customisation, drop some of the marines from the larger tactical squad and equip the praetor with deadlier stuff. I'll leave this up to the reader to think about as there's plenty of options here realistically.

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