Thursday, December 15, 2016

Planetary Empires: Tournament Endgame

After many months of play (on and off due to real life), our Planetary Empires campaign has finally come to a close. The board situation at the end of the game is as pictured below.

With an unassailable lead, the Eldar of Ulthwe have all but dominated the world of Farenheit's landing in this campaign. My own Alpha Legion force (30k) is in second place with four tiles held. The space wolves (40k) have but a single tile left. Meanwhile the poor forces of chaos have been totally routed off the planet through a series of battles. 

Overall, this was a fun tournament. Earlier rounds can be read about here (Round 1; Round 2; Round 3); with two of the battles available to watch as YouTube battle reports (here and here).  

We are planning a much smaller Kill Team scale tournament next with some additional (new) players. Stay tuned for that in the New Year!

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