Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Games Workshop Bristol (Central)

Continuing my travels around the world and visiting Games Workshop stores along the way, a little while ago it was the turn of the city of Bristol, England (near the boarder of South Wales). 

Physically the store is located on Wine Street just north of Castle Park -- an expanse of "green area" on the north bank of a tributary to the River Avon. In turn, its location is on the south edge of the Broadmead Shopping Centre -- a very large mall area on the north side of Castle Park and Wine Street. As such, it is in a good location to receive plenty of footfall, yet is offset enough from some of the major retailers that I would guess store rents are less. Naturally, its proximity to the major shopping precinct of Bristol means that there is very high quality access to public transport. Indeed, the major intercity railways station, Bristol Temple Meads is a mere 15 mins walk at most (I think I covered that distance in 10 mins to be honest), but it wasn't a busy day and was pouring down with rain at the time as my pictures attest.

Indeed, the reason why I have such a close up of the store in the top picture is due to the rain and not wanting to get my camera lens too wet!

The store itself is of modest size with a good amount of board displays. On the day I visited the Christmas decorations were in full view with a nice Christmas Tree on the right hand side of the store front and the boxes underneath the window table (see the second image -- I really like how the chaos star looks like a snow flake!). 

The miniatures on display were attractive and the store is well laid out. Staff were top quality and very friendly to me on my visit. Equally, I didn't tell them that I was from Warpstone Flux or anything like that (or even interview them!). I prefer to remain as a "mystery shopper" and write my experiences up later. 

All in all, I think this is a quality store in a reasonably good location with everything that I've come to expect over the years. 

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Nogle said...

That's a nice window display. Really shows of the product and what they do there. Working at a GW in a mall when I was younger, you'd always get the people coming in asking about video games

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