Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Storm Eagle Bits

This is what a Storm Eagle looks like fresh out of the bag - lots of bits!

And this is what the first few (recommended) steps looks like in the assembling of the Storm Eagle. The sides of the craft have been assembled, and I've completed the engines.

I'm sorry to report that at this stage, my drill bit snapped in two. I therefore need to go shopping for a new drill bit, whilst half of the old one is stuck inside this assembly at this stage!

Regardless, this assembly has been good so far, and I've enjoyed doing it. Most of the bits have been non-flexed, and those that were slightly warped were simply to straighten out. The proof in the proverbial pudding will happen when I start to put the other bits on the craft to create the main cargo hold. My only complaint so far is that some of the plastics don't mesh nicely with the size of the resin parts. Nothing too serious, but the engines were a bit fiddly due to this very issue.


Siph_Horridus said...

Nice, I have one in a bag in a box under the games table... it's been there a while, along with a Caestus Ram and a Stormraven with Chapterhouse extension... must do more aircraft! I'll be watching your WIP tutorials/hints with great interest if you are making a few diary type posts? Pls...

Kraggi said...

Looking forward to see how this one builds up.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Guys -- more to come on this. But I really need to purchase a replacement drill bit (with some spares) before continuing here sadly.
The best hint / tip I have so far is to ensure that you know which side is "left" versus "right" for the components(!) I know that sounds a bit basic, but its really worth just keeping them in two distinct piles for this stage and then fitting the engines once you're super-confident you've got them on the correct sides and in the right place (look for the grooves that mesh up with the supporting parts of the sides of the aircraft)

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