Sunday, January 24, 2016

One Hundred Alternate Realities

Switching over to roleplaying games for today's post, and a bit of self-promotion. My company (Sequestered Industries) released this publication a couple of days ago: One Hundred Alternate Realities.

So what is it all about?

Firstly it is a roleplaying game supplement that is written for any roleplaying game where alternate realities are going to be in play. As such, its not a gaming system in and of itself. But what it can do is provide many ideas for player characters and games masters who want to explore a multiverse of possibility. Perhaps the player group regularly steps through portals to alternate times and places. What would happen?

You step through the portal and emerge in a world where

Vampires stalk the dark night looking to drink blood!

But that's been done a lot. Let's switch it up!

Instead of blood, let's substitute magical items. Suddenly the player character party that's carrying a plethora of magical items looks like very attractive prey to these alternate reality vampires.

In One Hundred Alternate Realitie, we give a wide range of alternate realities and a selection of nouns that can be substituted between each reality.

Organized as a d100 chart the book is not just a one-liner per entry affair. On the contrary, each of the possible alternate realities is explored in a more detailed manner with possibilities outlined for the consequences to society and a few plot hooks thrown in.
The types of alternate realities include:
  • magical realities (e.g. what happens if spellcasting only runs in selected families?);
  • different physical planes (e.g. humans live on a cattle-like creature of gigantic proportions); 
  • supernatural realities (e.g. ghosts live with mortals on a regular basis); 
  • superpower realities (e.g. what happens if ordinary citizens possess superstrength?);
  • psychic realities (e.g. telepathic mind controllers are in charge of humanity); 
  • surreal alternate realities (e.g. when people go to sleep, they wake up in other people's bodies in the morning); 
  • deities stalk the mortal realms (e.g. what happens when the gods have been cast out of the heavens?);
  • apocalypse realities (e.g. self-aware computers torture humanity);
  • alien contact (e.g. what happens why sympathetic humans shelter refugee aliens?);
  • technology has radically changed reality (e.g. what happens if tractor beams are everyday objects?).
These descriptions all contain material that can be swapped between each other to create even more exotic and random alternate realities.  

This book is presented in a system-agnostic manner and is can be used with almost any roleplaying game if a GM needs to build a novel alternate reality of Earth or elsewhere in the multiverse.

I'm very happy to also report that following publication a few days ago, this publication has debuted at numb 31 in the top 100 of roleplaying products in RPGNow (as of the time of writing). Hope that you find this useful and enjoyable. Comments and enquiries most welcome.

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