Sunday, January 31, 2016

Horus Heresy Review: Rogue Psyker

The Rogue Psyker is a bit of a classic character in Warhammer 40,000. In short, they're cult leaders or shamans who directly communed with the powers of the Warp. As such, they're for the traitor side only - as emphasised by the detachment already having the Tainted Flesh or Cult Horde provenance.

Note that in Tempest, the points value of this HQ selection was omitted. The Forge World FAQ updates this explicitly to note they're costed at 35 points (base).

They're actually remarkably weak in the stat department - at least at the base level. This is offset by the cheap points cost, multiple wounds, and access to level 1 psychic powers. The feel no pain rule will help them to stay alive, but not for too long.

I'd certainly recommend upgrading to the Alpha Psyker just to improve the stat line.

They don't have too many upgrades available. Interestingly, they already come with the likelihood of possession. This means that when they die they have a 2 in 6 chance of being replaced by a Possessed model. If they die due to perils of the warp, this increases to 5 in 6. This is amazing - don't be afraid of rolling lots of die for him or her, in the hope of generating a possessed replacement from perils of the warp.

There's really not too many upgrades to discuss here. My recommendation is:

Alpha Psyker (60 points).
No other upgrades to be bothered about to be honest. Take a tainted weapon or don't - I don't think it'll help this HQ too much. Take malefic demonology perhaps. Or place near a big blob of troops that might benefit from some biomancy or pyromancy. Telekinesis is probably a secondary option in comparison (maybe). 

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