Thursday, January 28, 2016

Horus Heresy Review: Discipline Master Cadre

Before there were Commisars, there were Discipline Masters. They function in exactly the same way you might think they should. They're assigned to squads for whom the Imperium is a new master (or even an old one) and are there to uphold the ideals of the Imperial Truth and the distant Imperial rule. And of course, they do that by shooting anyone too cowardly to stand up for the Imperium. But not other HQs or medical staff, naturally. Their targets are going to be regular squad members.

Their obvious strength is associated with their leadership boost and the ability to re-roll failed leadership tests. The latter, of course, is where the shooting of the cowards start.

Not so obviously, they are also a way to sneak in an extra weapon in to a squad: whether this is a hand flamer or a power weapon, or something else.

Like most of the militia, these guys are just mortal humans, and likely to suffer in a space marine dominated environment. They need to be inside big blobs of troops, inside transports, or otherwise in a quality supporting position. Their relatively cheap points cost helps with this and the ability to take 5 in a single HQ choice is excellent, and indeed: a must for 30k gaming.

Some example builds to toy around with.

Discipline Master, needle pistol (25 points).
I must admit that I like the needle pistol. The low S is more than made up for by the rending and the poisoned nature of the weapon. It can hurt enemy space marines - which is what we want here.

Discipline Master, Carapace Armour, Refractor Field, Hand Flamer, Power Axe (47 points).
A more full build designed for close combat and sneaking in a hand flamers and power weapon to the deal to make sure they can scare space marines.

Discipline Master, melta bombs, bolt pistol (27 points).
Might as well take a bolt pistol for improved S in ranged attacks. This melta bomb equipped master is for going with a squad who is wanting to explode tanks basically - and is therefore kept deliberately cheap.

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