Monday, January 25, 2016

At the Foot of Warhound Titan 0004232

Despite some injuries, I've recommenced the assembly of my Warhound #0004232. As recommended by the instructions, I began on one of the feet. But, being me, I wanted something a bit more than "just" a regularly posed titan. Hence I hit upon this idea that the foot should be doing something. Anything. Up in the air, ready to crush an enemy in front of it in a big stomp perhaps. Legging it along at an ungodly speed. Or something else.

After scouring the internet and various images that google and others threw at me, I decided in the end to avoid the stomping pose. Not only did I not want the target of the stomp to be a given legion, or even eldar or orks, but in the end I just wanted something that communicated the terrain primarily rather than the fight. Hence, I opted to have the titan in mid-stride, crushing down on a building.

But then, I also didn't want a particular 40k building like an administratum. I therefore looked to Warhammer Fantasy / Age of Sigmar for a bit of something different. And there, lurking in my accumulated bits, was this graveyard piece from the Garden of Morr. That decided it. It was suitably heathen looking that it would blend in with a pre-heresy campaign of compliance on a backward world, as well as being appropriate for heresy-era games.

The pose, then, is of the titan advancing, and crushing the heathen building in its stride. Brutal and almost uncaring in its own fashion, yet simultaneously communicating the sheer mass of the titan crushing down all in front of it. I sliced in to the heathen building to make sure that the feet are coming down hard on the building - crushing it in stride. The building is also at an angle to the ground, implying that it has been uprooted from the ground with the stride of the titan. 

I'm a little undecided on the other foot yet. I might go for something flat, or slightly raised. The foot on the Morr Garden is effectively the leading foot (or front foot), and given its elevation, that means that the back foot must be almost on the ground, or at best have its heel slightly elevated. Suggestions welcome on how the rear foot should be positioned!


Siph_Horridus said...

I assume you'll be making a base so the Titan can be supported, if so you have free reign, I suggest looking at pictures of feet positions, perhaps the heel off the ground to show a stride. Or if no base, I reckon a flat foot.

jabberjabber said...

Yes -- I intend to use the MDF board (seen in the images) as the base. Think it should be sufficient, but need to check the topple "factor" once more of it is built. I'm a bit undecided yet whether the other foot with be flat or not -- I'm just trying to think it through and might use a bit of tax to help evaluate it.

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