Monday, February 2, 2015

Tartaros Terminator Sergeant with Added Shoulders

When I last spoke about my Tartaros Pattern Terminator Sergeant, I was really rather worried by his shoulders. The main problem is that although they kind of look just fine at first sight, if you stare at the model too long, it becomes apparent that the shoulders MUST have to be hunched to achieve the pose depicted. Are all terminators similarly afflicted? Probably not. But for conversions such as this where a little bit of hunching is necessary in order to execute the build, there is a need to some how mask what has gone before.

And that is exactly what I set about doing.

Using "Termos" pattern shoulder pads from Puppetswar, this problem becomes a bit less apparent. Certainly for the thunder hammer hand, the entire arm now looks entirely plausible - this is particularly helped by the arm being a bit more lowly hung than the other. The combi-bolter arm still looks slightly off, but it has certainly been helped by these unique shoulder pads. The main issue here remains that in order to incorporate this arm from the Dark Angels range, it necessitated a slightly higher pinning position than I would have ordinarily went for. I think its worked out well in the end, but these kinds of issues can bug me as an avid converter!

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