Thursday, February 5, 2015

Necron Command Barge

In a bit of a change from the usual pace, today I wanted to display an image of a necron command barge that I recently completed with my daughter. I've not built this kind of monstrosity before, so I was really looking at the instructions very closely every step of the way for this one.

What I found was:
(1) the shoulders of the pilot and the gunner at the front of the command barge can be a little  bit awkward to place. If you look closely, you can see on my barge that at least 2 of the arms on these guys look a little bit odd -- they're out by several mm compared to where they should be. This has been caused by wanting the fingers of the hands on the correct place of the control panel. But the problem that caused this was that these two figures are the first bits to be constructed according to the instructions. But sadly, these necrons are also placed farther back than they perhaps should be (I think I might have placed the seats too close to their groins for comfort). And as a result of this, the arms are not quite snugly where they should otherwise be.

(2) the necron lord comes with his own base. I constructed him separately (although the orb that he is holding is an odd one to glue together due to the elbow joint) and simply placed him on the command barge. Whilst this has the benefit of being able to remove him, I'm not totally sold on the pose being equally good for a ground commander as he is for commanding from the back of a barge.

(3) the curvature of the back "spine" of the barge was a little awkward to get in place with the horizontal struts that come off it. Although at first it looked like it was going to be an easy part of the construction, actually getting these struts in to place is something that I would recommend some dry fitting of before grabbing for the superglue.

Other than that, the build went reasonably well and I think I'm pleased overall. When I get chance, I'll apply some black undercoat and start to think about the colour schemes to paint it in. I want it in Verdus Prime colours (white and leaking brown effluent / oil) to match my previous small squads of necrons. The only question is how to paint the barge itself -- perhaps it should be in a contrasting black and metallic colour and going sparingly on the white?  Choices!

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