Saturday, February 28, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Magos Dominus

The first of the Legio Cybernetica Mechanicum faction is the principle, and indeed: only, HQ selection.  In terms of background, these characters are the masters of the sects and secrets from the Dark Age of Technology. Notably, the Magos can also be used as an HQ selection for the Ordo Reductor as well (rather than having to take Caleb Decima).

There are many ways in which we could build the Magos. Ultimately, it depends entirely on the kind of army that one wishes to play on the battlefield. Will you be using a wrecking, tank exploding maniac? Or how about a ranged marine killer? Or perhaps something a bit more close combat might be what you're after playing? In any case, the Magos comes with the Cybertheurgy special rule to boost battle automata, as well as cortex controllers (to ignore programmed behaviour), as well as basic equipment like a laspistol, power weapon and refractor field.

The first choice to make is whether one wants a regular Magos Dominus, or an Archmagos. The upgrade is a modest cost but can only be applied to one per army. I think it is totally worth the points for the bonus W, T and BS that it provides (as well as WS, and Ld to a lesser extent). From there, its a case of what role we want the magos to play. Hence, below are a selection of builds that might take your interests.

Archmagos, Mechanicum Protectiva, Conversion Beamer (135 points)
A very cheap shooting Magos that can reliably sit in the back field and take out heavier opponents. Arguably a Photon Thruster might be a nicer alternative.

Archmagos, Mechanicum Protectiva, Abeyant, melta bombs, photon gauntlet, servo arm, rad cleanser (180 points)
More of a close range Magos here, with the ability to take down marines from short range, as well as tanks with the melta bombs. Mobile as well - to keep up with the rest of the army.

Magos Reductor, Mechanicum Protectiva, Abeyant, rad grenades, 2 phosphex bombs, 2 breaching charges (150 points)
An alternative to Caleb Decima for your wrecking pleasure.

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