Sunday, February 1, 2015

Putting some destroyer arms to good use

A while ago, I mentioned that I bought some Destroyer Arms from Puppetswar. Today, here's what I've done with just one of them.

The first thing to note is that these arms are absolutely perfect for terminators. But as can be see here, I'm using them on space marine scale miniatures.

In order to execute this conversion, it was necessary to trim off the shoulder joint. Without this, the shoulder pad simply cannot be attached by any means and we'd be left with a shoulder that did not gel with the overall vibe of the miniature.

The rest of the miniature features a combination of parts from chaos space marines (the back pack, bolt pistol arm and shoulder pad), forge world space marine parts (torso and the other shoulder pad), space marines (head).

Overall, the miniature is one of a brutal design to be honest! And that is exactly what I wanted. This will be part of a squad that are all equipped with the destroyer arms from puppetswar. I'm not going to treat them as counts-as power fists or anything like that -- they're just going to be close combat weapon alternative for the main part. Hence this guy is just a regular marine. Of course, he just looks rather threateningly armed -- more so than the regular space marine. An entire squad of these guys is going to look a whole lot more intimidating than chain sword equipped space marines I think. And that's the point. Moreover, it makes them look very very different to other marines in the technology stakes. And that is one of the key ideas behind my growing Unbroken Chain army.

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