Thursday, February 19, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Kor Phaeron

Adoptive Father of Lorgar, and one of the sources of poison that Lorgar drank deeply from, alongside High Chaplain Erebus. Its likely that he never wholly abandoned the old chaos-tainted faith of Colchis (much like others) and hence it was relatively easy for him (and others) to whisper in to Lorgar's ear about this after the censure of Monarchia. Although on the surface, supplanting the worship of the Emperor with that of darker powers is a radical move, one must recall that in the heart of a zealot a fire burns. The cause is less important. Denied the Emperor, the darker powers awaited with open arms for them all.

In addition to this, Kor Phaeron was much to old to undergo the usual Space Marine upgrades - much to the scorn of the rest of the legion it would seem.

This is reflected in his stat line, which is really actually rather fluffy. Not only does he have T3 like a "normal" human would, but his initiative is similarly low. That said, he make up for it in a number of ways. First of all, he has 4 wounds - this is great for a character model (even with T3). Teamed up with his terminator armour that also grants feel no pain, and Kor Phaeron is starting to look actually okay-ish.

What really sets him apart in my opinion though is his warlord trait. Called Dark Oratory, it means that all other Word Bearers gain +1 Ld. This is huge in a game like 30k where routing from fear or losing combats is a real concern.

Accordingly, I think Kor Phaeron should be on the board from the start of hostilities. Preferably in a transport and surrounded by other terminators too. I think I'd place him with a bunch of close combat terminators and drive up to the desired target to take them out (and hence make use of those lightning claws of his and the single shot digi-flamer he conceals). Critically, I think keeping him alive is a good thing as well due to his warlord trait, hence he'd better have a lot of good marines for "look out sir!" to take effect as well. 

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