Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Legion Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer

The neutron laser battery on the Cerberus is immensely powerful -- perhaps one of the most powerful weapons in the game outside of a "D"-class weapon. But it does have the drawback of the "feedback" rule. This means that if we're not successful with a penetration roll, there's a 1 in 6 chance that the Cerberus will suffer a penetrating hit. To be honest though, this is a minor drawback and not very likely to happen -- especially given that super-heavy tanks will roll two die for armour penetration. And then on top of that, it gets d3 shots. Which makes it kinda random compared to tanks like the Typhon.

The Cerberus is also a durable tank with AV14 on the front and 2 Structure Points (think of structure points as being triple Hull Points if it helps). Hence whilst it is not invulnerable, it can certainly pump out damage and stay put in the game as long as needed.

There are a wide variety of options available to the tank. But to be honest, this beast is designed to take out enemy armour. As such, I think that any build should complement this purpose. Therefore I would advocate taking las cannon sponsons over heavy bolter sponsons and perhaps even a hunter-killer missile.

Here's my (singular) proposed build for the Cerberus:

Legion Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer, Lascannon sponsons, Hunter-killer missile, Armoured ceramite (465 points)
This is my anti-tank build. You'll notice that I've avoided taking any pintle-mounted weapon. I think many of them have a short range compared to the primary weapon (or indeed: the lascannons), or are distinctly anti-infantry rather than anti-tank. I could imagine taking a multi-melta if I thought I could position the tank within the appropriate range (certainly the built in flare shield can help here!), or perhaps a havoc launcher to supply pressure on to the contents of transport tanks I've popped open. But I'll leave that to the taste of the controlling player to decide. 

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