Monday, September 22, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Centurion Shabran Darr

"White Eyes" was a highly loyal and distinguished individual within the World Eaters. But when I say "loyal" - I more mean loyal to the whole ethos of the World Eaters. For example, he volunteered to have the Butchers' Nails analogue rammed in to his skull quite voluntarily. And happily mounted skulls of defeated / worthy opponents on his spike rack. He was a Khorne berserker of the best type already in the making.

Why he was selected as part of the first wave to Isstvan III is a mystery. The most likely reason is that Angron probably just wanted a fight. Or wanted his "loyal" warriors tested against Darr. Or just wanted to fight. A total mystery really.

Statistics-wise, he is an enhanced centurion with one extra pip in WS. But with the bonuses of rage, FNP, and rending in challenges, he does cost significantly more than other centurions. If he is a part of a loyalist force, he also gains hatred of the traitors which can be handy. The lack of artificer armour is an issue, but not a terminal one. The lack of power weapon or power fist is going to be the reason to not take him though, despite the master crafted chain axe and potential rending.

I'd personally only play him for fluffy reasons, and then I would take the option of giving him a jump pack and placing him in a large squad of similarly armed marines. He is a sub-optimal but somewhat viable choice otherwise. He will cause some damage, and is not as expensive as some praetors. But truthfully, there are superior choices (better equipped and more likely to make their points back) for HQs to be had. 

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