Monday, September 1, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Legion Thunderhawk Transporter

Imagine the Legion Thunderhawk Gunship, but without all of the guns and ammunition. Now replace the transport capacity with either two rhino chassis, or one land raider chassis. And you have the Thunderhawk Transporter.

I like the concept of the Transporter -- it is what the background fluff describes it as pretty accurately and the ability to place down your tanks on the battlefield where you want them to be is terrific (as is picking them up again later).

But beyond that, I start to question what it is this superheavy Lord of War can do. Without the armaments of the Thunderhawk Gunship, it doesn't actually do too much. So unless the battlefield that you are playing on is particularly vast, I think I would pass on this flyer to be perfectly honest. Your tanks will trundle up to their desired position within a couple of turns in all likelihood unless you have a super sized Apocalypse pitch to play on. But more than that: there just aren't enough turns in the game for it to be truly useful (considering it won't come on on the first turn, and dropping off and picking up probably won't both occur inside one game - emphasis on probably). And on the turn that the transporter is behaving as a stationary skimmer, its probably going to be blasted apart. Unless you have multiple transporters, of course. But being a Lord of War, that simply isn't going to happen. Hence I disfavour this unit almost in entirety.

That said, here is my suggestion for its build:

Legion Thunderhawk Transporter, Chaff Launcher, Armoured Cockpit (480 points)
Take up to six Hellstrike missiles if you would like to beef up the armaments beyond the heavy bolters. The logic behind this build is similar to the Thunderhawk Gunship. 

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