Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Two new, somewhat addictive, free simple online games

Don't say that I didn't warn you. Do not try them out if you have a deadline coming up of any description!

Game 1. Its called 2048.
And the idea is that you slot the tiles in a grid up, down, left and right in order to create a bigger number. Smash two number "2"s together to get a 4. Smash two "4"s to get an 8. And so forth. The game ends if you manage to get 2048.  The complication: at the end of every move you make a new number 2 or 4 gets added to the grid. In the same way as Tetris, you can run out of room to manoeuvre and this results in the game being ended. You can even create your own version of the game here.

Game 2. This one is Super Planet Crash! (pictured).
The goal is to load up a planetary system with as many heavy weight planets as possible without causing any of them to be gravitationally sling shotted beyond 2 Astronomical Units from their parent star, for a time period of 500 years. I've been trying to recreate the Isstvann system and failing. I think Isstvann is an unstable system to be quite honest with you. The system uses real physics and you'll soon get a feeling for what is physically viable and what is not. Plus its a great teaching resource for any science teacher out there (I know there might be a few lurking on my blog!).

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Cameron said...

Thanks for the link. As soon as I saw that planet one I thought it would be great for a high school science class!

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