Monday, April 14, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Legion Command Squad

So, you picked a Legion Praetor and need some disciplined legion marines to accompany him - the command squad is where it is at and they won't be a distinct HQ choice. Otherwise, they will fill a slot.

As with most of the Horus Heresy units and HQ choices, there is a wide array of equipment to select between. At a base level, the command squad is two chosen marines, plus one standard bearer. The standard bearer carries the Legion Standard and therefore all units within 6" (plus this unit itself) become fearless. This can be a huge boon to those detachments who are more combat orientated.

Here's some builds to consider:

Legion command squad, 5 strong, power weapons, volkite chargers on the chosen (230 points)
A foot slogging command squad for the footslogging commander.

Legion command squad, terminator armour of your choice, 1 reaper auto cannon, 1 power fist (165 points)
A great bang for the points unit. The reaper auto cannon cannot be overlooked as a great option and the power fist is simply there to complement what the Praetor has and to add some extra flexibility and threat level to the squad. Team up with a terminator armour clad commander.

Legion command squad, 5 strong, jump packs, melta bombs, charnabal sabres (265 points)
Team up with a jump pack commander. The charnabal sabres are a cheaper alternative to the power weapons and could be very useful, but you're relying on the commander to do the principle damage here. Change in to power weapons for a better threat if you're not skimping on points.

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