Wednesday, April 9, 2014

GW Site Down - incoming changes!?!

The maintenance rituals are underway,
The prayers of function have been heard,
It's coming ...
...and your patience will be rewarded.

These are the only words that will now greet you on the front page of Games Workshop's website along with a picture of a new space marine sprue. The long awaited/rumoured change appears to be underway right now! [Forge World's site is still up and running for the record.]

EDIT (13:04 BST): Just got an email from GW with the title: "Our webstore will be back soon, and it will come bearing gifts" the content of which stated the same things as the website and bears the same sprue.

1 comment:

Thor said...

Here's hoping they create a community out of it instead of a site blatantly aimed at getting your cash.

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