Monday, February 13, 2012

Mighty Empires: Vernal River Fork Tile

This tile is from the Mighty Empires expansion tiles set and is one of two tiles to feature a fork in the river. I wanted to achieve two things with this tile:
(a) creating a more realistic feeling for the river's flow than I had achieved with other river tiles;
(b) giving a go at attempting some vernal flowers in bloom, in contrast to varied greens that I usually mess around with.

For the river, it a basecoat of electric blue was applied followed by a blue wash.  Using a fine paintbrush and the basecoat colour, I then picked out where I thought the river might be flowing due to rapids and the convergence of the fork (the river is flowing from 2 streams in to 1 stream; left to right as pictured). A few perpendicular lines to the river's flow achieves a rapids feel in the upper left corner, whilst the confluence of the two rivers is suggested with a "Y"-shaped indulgence just after the fork.  A few more subtle wiggles and it was done.

For the vernal feeling, I tried to pick out a few patches of greenery in a variety of reds, yellows and (scorpion) green. Although this didn't turn out exactly how I had pictured in my mind's eye, I don't mind too much.  The river certainly is the centrepiece of this tile.


Angelic Despot said...

I think the river looks really good, but I don't think the autumn/flowers colours work very well because of the scale. The varied greens on your other tiles look very good, and I think this would look better if it fitted in. As it is, it looks like you're looking at something in model railway scale, looking at individual flowers, rathern than at a forest from miles up in the air.

jabberjabber said...

Yes - I've got to agree with hindsight. I might tone it down with a wash or two and do some highlighting similar to the old tile.

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