Monday, February 6, 2012

Painted Possessed Raptor Lord

The New Year possessed raptor lord is fully painted in the Black Legion colours. I chose the Black Legion for its generic usage as an HQ.  Being an ensemble of forces, this legion's colour could readily fit in with my Khorne and Nurgle forces, in a command sense.

For the painting, I started with the reds (torso, head and wings).  They were base coated in mechrite red followed by a double wash of black.  The colours were then highlighted with progressively lighter tones (blood red through to near orange) to bring out the natural ridges present in the sculpt.  The head in particular was pleasing to see finished here as I'd spent extra effort to ensure that ridges along the brows (etc) were properly picked out.  The rest of the model was painted in slightly off-black.  This was followed by a gentle dusting of grey/black mixture before washing it back down with black to blend it all together.  The ridges of the armour and the knee-caps were picked out with shining gold (I didn't really want to bother with none-metallic metallics here). The weaponry was given a drybrushing of boltgun metal, before I started to pick out the power maul/mace.  I opted here to attempt an inverse painting (partly in response to the great feedback from ghost knight test painting I received).  Following a basecoat of white, I steadily picked out the darker bits with deepening blues; starting with electric blue and working my way through ultramarine blue to a dark blue on the outermost edges.  To create a feeling of glow, I highlighted selected portions of the arm that I thought might be highlighted by the glow from the maul -- in particular: parts of the handle of the weapon, parts of the arm itself and the glove especially. Perhaps part of the inner wing should have also got a little shine, but I didn't go that far. 

The only thing left to do is to base this guy up to finish him off.  I might try one of the back2basix temple bases I painted up a while back.

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