Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bonsai Pebble Dressings as a Basing Material

Meandering around the local gardening hardware store, I came across some ingredients to help with basing that I wanted to share with you.  Most of us are already familiar with some of the alternative basing supplies that can be found in the hardware store (pebbles) or pet store (e.g. aquarium stones) or other things, but I've not come across support for bonsai trees very frequently.  So imagine my surprise to find a pot of bonsai dressing pebbles sitting there on the shelf.  The pebbles themselves are larger than sand grains, but not as expensive as the slate materials that come with the citadel basing kit. I'll be using them on a number of miniatures in the future!

1 comment:

Frontline Gamer said...

Looks like a very good find. I might have to dig some out myself. Thanks for sharing.

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