Thursday, February 23, 2012

Painted Necron Scenic Piece

This is the fully painted necron scenery piece that was made out of balsa wood. As can be seen, the primary colour is black.  For the inset grooves, I base coated with dark green and then used selective highlights (stretching through mid-greens to goblin green and even a splash of scorpion green) to pick out the aetheric energies that may be coruscating through the device. 

For scale, one of my Verdus Prime necron warriors is standing next to the finished piece.  From a distance, the piece looks very good.  Close up, one can still see the wood grain and the un-even hacking of the grooves that I made during the construction phase.  For the next one of these that I think I'll try to make, I'll attempt to get the grooves in the balsa wood a bit more smooth.  That said, I'm still pleased with the final outcome here and I think it correlates well with other necron scenery that I've discovered during tournaments and travels (etc.).


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