Saturday, June 13, 2009

Painting of a Melta Gun Plague Marine

A little while ago, I assembled a Death Guard plague marine using forge world parts with a converted left-handed melta gun. Today, the final painted result!

I'm pleased with the outcome here - it certainly communicates the rusted and decaying feeling of the Death Guard forces that I'm wanting to characterize (i.e. over the grossness and icky factor). Following a black undercoat, the figure was basecoated in a light brown colour and inked with chestnut tones. I then drybrushed with a (dirty) combination of greens, creams, browns and a hint of yellow (all at random, without washing my old brush inbetween different colours and non-sequentially!).

The drybrushing done, I went on to highlight the armour rims with bleached bone and painted the weaponry in red (with orange highlights). I'm pleased with the outcome of the melta gun - noticeably more black looking near the "nozzle" indicating recent usage. Further highlights included attention to the pipework, odd metallic bits and the pitted parts of the chest armour.

Don't gasp - but this miniature is also based! The small metal bits are off-clippings of plastic sprues and the cap of a glue tube painted up. The base is covered in fine black lode stone and some static grass has been added. I might drybrush the stones a bit more yet.


Raptor1313 said...

I like just the idea of painting a Plague Marine with a totally random set of drybrushing, and think it came out looking nasty and corroded.

I also like the pose itself; it hearkens to the days of 'true grit' where Plague Marines fired it all one-handed, and then beat you over the head with it. It's got style. The gun itself looks like it's been in service a while, to boot.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks for the kind comments Raptor1313! I think this one is going to see a lot of play in my Death Guard armies! :)

oni said...

He looks pretty awesome jabber. The dry brushing without cleaning method worked very well.

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