Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random Musings

A few weeks ago, I entered a small (one day) tournament at a local gaming store. I took my Death Guard force with a couple of modifications - a second daemon prince of Nurgle with doombolt in place of the dreadnought; making all 3 plague marine squads identical (1 melta, 1 flamer, champ with power fist, rhino plus havoc launcher); and ditching the havoc launcher on the predator.

My opponents were necrons, marines and eldar. The missions were non-standard however. In addition to primary objectives (typically the same as the standard missions - i.e. killpoints and capturing objectives) there were also secondary objective (e.g. kill the opposing HQ worth the most points; get your HQ next to an objective, etc.). Whilst I got every primary, I lost out on many of the secondary objectives since I wasn't really ready for those surprises!! (That and my opponents were really good!) I might have to have a think about how to alter my list if I take part in such non-standard missions again. At least the upshot of the tournament is that I know my Death Guard build and tactics are effective for standard tournament level games!


Farmpunk said...

i really like tourney missions with secondary objectives. I think getting adepticon mission packs, and trying them out got me to really like the idea.

it does take some thinking to make a little more versatile force, and can take you off-guard if you're not used to playing them.

Raptor1313 said...

I somehow think that the Nurgle DP on foot was a little more useful than the Dreadnought, much as I like the dread models.

I think that secondary objectives CAN be a good addition to tournies, but they can also go wrong. I mean, there's a point wher you've made that secondary objective just TOO strange, y'know?

On the other hand, secondaries like 'kill other guy's HQ' or something? Not such a shock.

But if the secondary/tertiary/fourthuary objectives are way the hell out in left field? Other story altogether. Then again, having 'kill people' as an objective never hurts; just might value it differently.

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