Friday, June 5, 2009

Death Guard Biker

A recently assembled Death Guard Biker ... perhaps a HQ choice, perhaps a fast attack one, I'm not sure. I simply wanted to assemble a biker using some of my Forge World parts.His weapon is converted from the chaos space marine terminator lord's force weapon, with a chaos marine power sword tip. The centre of the "pike" was created from a paper clip with necklace / florist's wire wound around to create a "grip".

Must find some time to get this one painted up... I seem to have spent a lot of time recently simply assembling models and not having chance to paint them.


Andy said...

He looks excellent, i like the "pike" it looks like it could cause some serious damage.
I seem to build more than i paint, i'll need to see if i can get some of the family to help on the painting back log!

suneokun said...

Great looking model - an a T6 model to boot! Are biker deathguard worth it? I would have thought they would be awesome (T6, 3+ save) but they can't have FNP can they? A good way of overcoming 'speed' issues in a Deathguard force though.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Andy - I hear you on that painting backlog :)

Hi Suneokun - indeed: no feel no pain. I think if I were to use him, it'd likely be as an HQ choice and with an icon (to form the tip of a "plague spear"). Highly expensive to be sure!

Mik said...

Fast attack, HQ...whatever slot he ends up being a part of, it looks great so far. Can't wait to see him painted!

DebonaireToast said...

I love that model. Excellent conversion!

It makes me want to finish up my Imperial Guard and start that Death Guard army that I've been brainstorming for the past year or so. ;)

Raptor1313 said...

I think the problem with Nurgle bikers is that there's no Fearless and no FNP.

A minimum 3 bikers and Nurgle Icon is 149 points. Add in a tolerable total of 5 bikers, a couple meltaguns and a powerfist, and you're looking at a 275 point unit that's tough, but can at best hunt tanks.

Plasma and other high-strength, low-AP weapons still tank 'em like other bikes.

I'd use him as an HQ. Maybe go Sorcerer + Nurgle + Icon + Warp Time, and go scoop up some new friends with that hefty weapon.

Farmpunk said...

He looks great.

it's too bad he doesn't get FnP. I guess Papa doesn't want his boys to get too hopped up an adrenaline, and start crossdressing, or wanting to cut the heads off kittens just to watch them bleed.

disease is much more elegant, and patient...

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