Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where does Chaos Marine Equipment Come From?

A little while ago, Alvin asked on Glued My Fingers where readers thought that Chaos Space Marine equipment might come from.

I thought I'd briefly follow that question up with a number of possible alternatives. Here's my (highly) non-exhaustive list.

(1) It's original. Some marines in the traitor legions still wear the same old power armour that they were issued with during (or prior to) the Horus Heresy.

(1b) It has been warped -- related to the above - some marine armour has been warped in the Eye of Terror (or similar locales), resulting in a bizarre appearance. Or, maybe the chaos powers have "materialized" some armour for a chaos sorcerer.

(2) Forged. The power armour has been forged somewhere - perhaps a forge world that a traitor legion has captured; perhaps by Iron Warrior legion artificers using raw materials (etc.).

(3) Stolen. Whether through raids or otherwise, the armour (or raw materials) has fallen in to traitor hands.

(4) Reclaimed / Recycled / Piecemeal. When Borther Gavatus fell, Brother Bubonicus couldn't let the only intact shoulder pad go to waste.

(5) Summoned / Magic! Slightly related to warped (above), some parts of the marines armour might be the result of the dark gods ... I'm thinking here specifically of Lucius' shrieking armour. (Also: remember those tables in the Realms of Chaos books for gifts of the gods?).

Anything else, anyone?


Alvin said...

Thanks for that! Now I'm mixing some Loyalist parts with Chaos parts for my Alpha Legion...

Mr Syxx said...

Its known that there are several captured Chaos forgeworlds both in and out of the eye of terror, add to that that yes due to the time warping state within the eye of terror it is more then likely that there power armor is self modifed versions. Thats about the nerdiest accurate shot you can get.

Itkovian said...

As Mr Syxx said, Chaos own quite a few Forgeworlds. Indeed, half the Mechanicum sided with them during the Horus Heresy, so when they were shepherded into the Eye, I'm sure they dragged a few bits and bobs along with them...

oni said...

I think think they're all right and other than those I wouldn't know. My imagination is slightly dulled at the moment.

Cyborg Trucker said...

How about the Demon Forges that crank out Defilers and Soul Grinders?

Raptor1313 said...

In general, I think you've hit most bases. Chaos renegades (the more established ones) probably have their own manufacturing spots.

They can trade for it with other powers, it's possible, and there's also the chance that they just take what they want. Salvage and chaotic gifts are also possibilities.

I think you can go so many ways with's more of 'can you justify it?' than 'is it right or wrong?'

@ Cyborg Trucker
That's certainly a possibility. I think it's plausible, but there's also the fluff in the Soul Grinder that notes anyone getting a boon from the Daemon Forge also gets bound to it, so you'd be getting the power armor at a price. Then again, I'm sure some would pay that price.

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