Saturday, September 27, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Palatine Blade Squad

One of the unique units to the Emperor's Children at the start of the Isstvan campaign are the Palatine Blades: a cadre of super swordsmen.

Effectively, these guys are close combat assault squads, without the jump packs on their backs (which they can take).  To be honest, they're a little bit like Khorne Berzerkers or Khorne Bloodletters in some respects: improved WS, counter attack, etc.  But, here's a few catches: they're all characters in the squad and must all accept and issue challenges (as if they're 40k chaos space marine characters). 

They are all issued with Charnabal sabres: a rending weapon that also gives +1I in challenges: these are a great addition to the squad and can come in very handy. 

Here are some sample builds:

5 Palatine Blades; 2 power lances, sonic shriekers, melta bombs (160 points)
A squad that is meant to advance up the field, shooting their pistols along the way and charging whatever comes in range.  Place in a drop pod, rhino or land raider to taste.

5 Palatine Blades, jump packs, melta bombs, sonic shriekers, power sword on prefector (205 points)
A dedicated, elite assault squad.  Enough said.  Except that its a bit pricey.

5 Palatine Blades, jump packs, melta bombs, everyone with power swords or power lances, sonic shriekers (225 points)
The maxed-out squad.  They're bloodletters on wings.  With power armour.  Deal with them or there's going to be a lot of dead loyalists (or even traitors?!).


SinSynn said...

Could be an interesting modeling opportunity as well.

Jet-packing super-swordsmen sound like fun. 'Specially funny if they're Emperor's Children.

'Dude, how does my hair look?'
'Glorious, brother!'

Unknown said...

I use the models to represent my 40k honor guard, they work great. You get some guys wielding 2 handed weapons too for your relic blades.

jabberjabber said...

Ah the Emperor's Children -- perfection in all things, including personal grooming!

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