Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Angron

Angron. The broken primarch. The Red Angel. Ex-slave. But still a slave to the Butcher's Nails inside his skull and unable to even get a wink of sleep unless he excessively slaughters all around him. The remarkable thing is that he's not entirely insane to be fair. He still is able to exert his intelligence once in a while and demonstrate he's more than a whirling ball of hate. But, to be fair, he basically is a whirling ball of hate.  He hates everything.

And quite justifiable too given his history. And there's little surprise that he joined Horus' rebellion as he felt twice betrayed by the Emperor (once when he was originally pulled away from dying with his slave comrades, and again at Ullanor).

In terms of being a primarch, he's not much of a force multiplier. At least, not in the same way that other primarchs can be. He's basically a character that is rather good (very good in fact) at killing things. Everything. And his rules reflect this. Equipped with Gorechild and Gorefather (plus a pistol if he feels the need), Angron wants to get in combat quickly and carve things up. Like his sons, Angron gains bonuses from defeating opponents. And this is the key facet to playing both him and his Legion. Whether its drop pod assault, or rapid deployment in a land raider, Angron and the World Eaters do need to get in to melee rapidly or they will not be winning many battles. But once in battles, Angron will excel. There's nothing in the game that he cannot damage (yep - he can even smash up AV14 tanks). I'm not sure how long it'd take him to bring down a titan, but since its Angron, he probably could.

Is he worth the points? Yes, so long as you realise what Angron is about: an expensive character who will excel in close combat. But he can only be in one place at one time. He needs other tanks and troops around him to succeed. And he needs a way to get in to combat rapidly. But do you have enough points left over after purchasing Angron to cause a close combat-based tabling in 6 (ish) turns? Maybe if your alpha-strike succeeds!

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