Friday, September 26, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Emperor's Children Legion Rules

The Emperor's Children were known for their quest for perfection in the background literature. Hailing from a high Terran class, and then from Fulgrim's homeworld, they pushed themselves to ever higher feats of martial prowess.

But at first glance, the casual player would be forgiven for thinking that the Emperor's Children have some of the worst Legion special rules out of all of the Legions. Although I'm somewhat sympathetic to the accusation that the rules don't fully describe the background associated with the Emperor's Children, I think the knee jerk reaction is not quite right on closer inspection.

Firstly, they gain the Crusader rule. This is good for making runs, but is absolutely amazing in combat resolution. Having their enemies flee before them and cutting them down as they run is great in 30k and can really ensure they gain the upper hand through melee. Particularly if they have a high initiative (or other means of improving the outcome of a close combat, e.g., Phoenix Guard!). Considering that they also have access to sonic shriekers (bonus initiative), this is a huge thing! Doubly so since the 30k space marines lack "And They Shall Know No Fear".

Martial Pride is okay and characterful. Just make sure they don't fail challenges and I think you'll be fine. Except against units that have heaps of attacks (be wary of World Eaters and Sons of Horus for instance).

Finally, they can also have access to Sonic Shriekers. These are the early modifications that the Children enacted before their full fall. The bonus initiative resonates tremendously with the Crusader rule and should be purchased for Emperor's Children characters that are going to be going in to melee with other enemy units.

This makes the Emperor's Children a great close combat army to consider. But they're nowhere near as obsessed with melee as the World Eaters are. Mixed arms and armour will do amazing things for this legion.

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