Saturday, October 1, 2016

Uses for Resin Cast Offs - A Mini-Resource Collection

Well, yesterday's post asking what to do with resin cast offs produced a wild array of hits and numerous comments published on the blog, as well as emails written to me from multiple sources.

Today, I wanted to just pull some of them together as a mini-resource … it's not earth shattering, but its at least a few thoughts on what can be achieved with all those cast offs.

* Debris and basing materials. Admittedly, this is not highly original, but those cast off bits of provide an excellent source of raw materials ready to be chopped up and finely diced to be glued on to bases.

* Barricades -- the pieces can readily be cobbled together to form a "junk" barricade like some of the resin walls sold by games workshop and others.

* Tank Traps. Also known as Dragon's Teeth. Select the more symmetric pieces from the cast offs -- the ones with a square base. They can readily be used as tank traps or a fixed scenery piece.

* Wood. Turn long resin pieces in to something more resembling wood. A full tutorial can be seen on this You Tube video

* Utilitarian pews for an Imperial Church.

* Concrete barrier (Jersey barriers). Arguably another obvious use for these pieces, especially for any terrain that is urban-based.

Happy to add to this list if anyone else emails or comments here or on the previous post :)

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