Friday, October 14, 2016

Catching Fire: Prospero Burns

As if I wasn't excited enough by the video made by Warhammer TV of Magnus the Red, they've stepped it up with a video of Prospero Burns -- the new board game extension to the Horus Heresy. Indeed, it seems that whenever there is a leak (or the very likely potential for a leak), the Warhammer TV team are already a step ahead with a recorded video to make us, the consumers, exceedingly happy.

Seeing the Daemon Prince version of Magnus is one thing. Having hints about sisters of battle in plastic and thousand sons in plastic is another. But now. Now. Now we have Prospero burns: plastic tartaros terminators, Ahriman, Sisters of Silence, Custodes. Oh, and not to be forgotten: Thousand Sons and Space Wolves (with what looks like to be new water based decals.

I decided to grab a few screen shots of the Warhammer TV video. Just because. I've applied a few filters to make them a bit brighter and sharper, but otherwise, they're the same as per the video.

I don't know where to start. The sisters. The Legio Custodes. The plastics. The decals. And are those volkites on the terminators? Sorry genestealers, this takes precedent! :)


Siph_Horridus said...

It is looking great, I'm most excited about the Custodes and Sisters of Silence, but also the MK3 plastics!

jabberjabber said...

so much to be excited about here! Let alone the new PR team at GW…!

Kraggi said...

So this boxed set just hasnt blown me away (dont get me wrong I think its good), but till I start a Traitor force I dont think I will be getting it, the Custodes & Sisters of Silence arent calling to me yet, I dont think I could justify it for the terminators lol!

However when I do eventually start my traitor force....

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