Monday, October 10, 2016

Darkfire Castellax

Expanding in to the forces of the Mechanicum to support my Alpha Legion (or, indeed, any other legion that I might go for), today is a picture of my assembled Castellax sporting a dark fire cannon.

Assembly has been very easy, except for the bit that I haven't yet attached -- the tubing that will connect the power pack of the dark fire cannon situated on the bum of the robot to the end of the shoulder cannon at the rear. I've been using the hairdryer as well as copious amounts of boiled water from the kettle, and I'm still not happy with the shape of it! I'll tinker a bit more but I think I'll just get it in to a reasonable shape and then pin it using a paper clip or similar. 

In terms of how I might field this Castellax, he is either going to go with a Legion Praevian and be an inductee of a legion, or be part of a small Mechanicum allied force (and potentially be a troops choice in there).

His duty is moderately simple: to target enemy vehicles and monstrous creatures, whilst sitting on top of an objective, potentially, as well. The enemy therefore has to either suffer a rather powerful shooting enemy every turn, or commit some serious forces to dislodge and engage it. 

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