Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sisters of Silence - Initial Rules Thoughts

Today, I wanted to jot down a few thoughts about the Sisters of Silence rules that were released by Games Workshop alongside their Prospero boxed set release this weekend. 

In terms of the stat line, these women are very similar to their 40k analogues the Sisters of Battle. Lacking a pip in both strength and toughness means that they're going to suffer from incoming firepower rather severely compared to regular space marines. Obviously, we're going to want them to take transports or drop pods if at all possible -- but that's something that they haven't got access to just yet at least. Sadly.

It is their special abilities that are really of note to be honest. 

Swapping out bolters in favour of flamers is a nice move for hard units stuck in cover. But the better swap out is in favour of executioner great blades. Swinging at initiative=5 for AP2 is fantastic. Doing so at S+1 is even better. They will chew through space marine squads and possibly even terminators very nicely. Clearly they might suffer a lot in return, but they should make their points value back very easily if they actually manage to make it in to combat. 

More than this, the trouble that they are capable of causing in 40k or 30k against psykers is fairly impressive. Nowhere else in the codexes or in the entirety of the game have much similar to what they're capable of -- especially when in their specific formation. Precision shots and strikes against psykers are very nice for starters. But the manifestation of warp charges on 6+ coupled with the leadership penalty is simply amazing. Couple this with not generating any within 12 inches means that a few squads of these sisters can shut down an entire tactica of certain enemy army builds. Its not perfect, but it is a huge dent, and little else in the game can compare. Certainly within 30k! 

Fear, Fearless and Psky-Out grenades simply add an extra layer of capability to their cause. 

In terms of their 40k formation, the Null Maiden task force, enemy players generating fewer warp charges just because the their sheer presence on the battle field is unheard of pretty much. 

For the points cost, I think these sisters are very much worthwhile if utilised well and will earn back their points in close combat in all probability. The problem will be to keep them from being the focus of enemy fire power. There's probably some combination with a fortification that might be good in here, but even on their own, some 225 points for 15 models each with AP2 at initiative is amazing. 

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