Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Games Workshop Covent Garden

Covent Garden is physically located in the centre of London, UK. Broadly, it is at the Eastern extrema of the West End of London (the West End is reasonably famous for all the entertainment, commerce, tourism, plays and theatres nearby). 

The Games Workshop in Covent Garden is situated in very close to the tube station that bears the same name. Literally, its not even a ten minute walk away from the tube station, hence it is very, very accessible for both casual and the more serious gamer. 

It is located in a small arcade of shops collectively known as The Market. When I arrived at The Market, however, I could not readily identify where the store was situated inside. I knew it was Unit 33 that I was after, but I honestly could not find it at first glance. I literally stalked The Market for about 15 minutes before I found the store! Now, some of this might be my own ineptitude to be quite honest. But there really did seem to be a lack of obvious information about which stores were where inside The Market (again, this might be because I was looking for information in all the wrong places). 

The Games Workshop store turned out to be on the lower level of The Market. Finding a staircase down was not too hard, but it really looked like I was heading in the wrong direction at that point as the lower level where it is situated looked more like a food area than one that had regular stores in it. Yet lo and behold, there was Games Workshop on the lower level near the food outlets. 

I liked the architecture of The Market overall - its general ambience is great and the stonework very clean and attractive. Indeed, it looks like that most of the stores in The Market cannot have their own logo or fonts for their store names -- check out the image that shows "Games Workshop" written in the curve above the doorway to the place. 

The store is reasonably spacious (wide, but not terrifically deep arguably) with a number of tables set out with a mixture of Warhammer 40k, Warhammer, and Lord of the Rings (although the latter didn't look like it had gotten much play recently … but maybe we could say that about a lot of the stores perhaps?).

I snapped this image in the window of the store. I'm not entirely sure what its showing to be honest, but I thought it looked cool.

Overall, I liked the store, but very much disliked the effort that I had to go to in order to locate the store in the first instance -- it really was like looking for a proverbial needle in a haystack for me. Now, I'll take some of the blame for that from being inept and never having been there before. Equally, I wonder if that's a common thing for visitors to The Market?

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