Thursday, April 30, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Autilon Skorr and Delegatus Consul

This review is about the unique miniature released by Forge World in 2015 for their events. Autilon Skorr is a special (unique) character for the Alpha Legion. The rules for Skorr and for the Delegatus consul type can currently be found here. (I will update this should these rules appear in a future book in the Horus Heresy).

Skorr's background is one of carrying out the dark compliance on behalf of the Alpha Legion and the heretics. Prior to this, he was known in the rolls of honour for the Great Crusade for many successes apparently. The shattered legions stopped short his compliance efforts in the Heresy, but otherwise Skorr is is highly heralded individual.

Skorr introduces a new consul type for the Heresy as well: the Delegatus. This type of consul is a cheap way in which to access rites of war for any legion. In exchange, the Delegatus must be the warlord of a legion force. On top of this, he grants access to a unique rite of war entitled Chosen Duty.

This rite of war means that veterans are taken as troops, and indeed, two lots of them must be taken as troops to satisfy the requirements. On top of this there is a chance to score an additional VP if they survive (or suffer an additional VP to the enemy if they die above and beyond slay the warlord). This makes the Delegatus a risky prospect, but one that could work very well. It is especially powerful at lower points value games (i.e. 1500 and below). Indeed, I think that Skorr and a Delegatus is an excellent alternative for a praetor that provides access to rites of war for a legion.

See also the comments below about the Warlord trait for Skorr -- there are some really terrific combinations to be had here at low points levels. In short, let's say he grabs something from the reserve manipulation side of the warlord traits - this can readily be combined with other elements like a Damocles Command Tank to improve the chances of having everything on the board on turn 2!

The weakness is obviously the giving away of VPs should he die … which should be taken in the same breath as his strength for an additional VP!

Other Equipment
Skorr comes with a master crafted power axe, artificer armour plus refractor field, and a side arm (bolt pistol). This makes Skorr reasonably adaptable as to which unit he accompanies - whether this is a veterans squad (which would be the obvious choice I would think), or a tactical squad, I think he is going to do well there.

Other builds with generic Delegatus builds have no restrictions on them. Hence a generic build could include jump packs, bikes, terminator armour, or the full range of upgrades that consuls can ordinarily have. I could therefore see the Delegatus being build and very tailored to a specific force, but particularly around veteran squad.

I regard the Delegatus and Skorr as a good selection at lower points value. The main issue for me is that he would have to be a warlord - there are superior choices to a Delegatus at higher points levels to be perfectly honest.  But what do I mean by low and high points values? The dividing line for me here is somewhere near the 1000 points level.


Ninjasuperspy said...

Also Skorr lets you choose a warlord trait if you grab one from the Strategic Trait list in the standard 40k book. (I'm thinking about grabbing Master of Ambush to give my two Vet units Infiltrate freeing up my Mutable Tactic AND Veteran Tactic for other rules).

jabberjabber said...

Ah yes -- I'd forgotten about that one. The combinations that are possible there are great. Take for instance having both infiltrate (from Skorr) and scouts (from Mutable Tactics) and getting a whole load of plasma guns in to an optimised position -- that could certainly make for a first turn alpha strike (pun not intended!).

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