Thursday, April 2, 2015

Games Workshop York

Just so we're clear from the outset, this article is about the city of York in the UK. In Yorkshire. Not a different city by the same or newer name in other countries that caused Google-based shenanigans for me!

I visited York earlier this week and chanced upon the store and whipped out my phone to snap a quick image of the place. As can be seen in the image, the store has a very active front to it and has a very nice set of displays in it to say the least. The interior is modest, certainly larger than some of the other UK stores that I've visited of late and has ample space for gaming, painting and so forth.

Physically, the store is located on Lendal in York, and has been located in this street for many years (at least over a decade and a half as far as I'm aware). This is on the far North West side of the city centre, on the outskirts of what I would think of as the "core" shopping precinct of the city. Equally, this also means it is pretty close to the train station and the old city walls. Curiously, the train station is not very centrally located in York, being offset to the West (ish) of the main shopping precinct and a little walk away. Indeed, this GW is probably close to St.Mary's Abbey (tourist attraction) on the West side than it is to the Disney Store (much more centrally located), to give a yardstick. I think folks who are visiting York will stumble across it very readily though as it is on the tourist trail to some extent. And its not so bad for the buses either - very easily accessible on foot and by public transport in general. But much like other UK city centre GW stores (Leeds, etc.) I'm not sure if there is a clear public car park nearby that could provide ready access to the store. 

Overall, impressed by the store, its layout, its staff, and displays and it occupies a reasonable location, despite being offset from the main shopping street as its certainly close to / on the main trek from the city centre to the train station.  Bit of a hike for the students at the University of York, however!

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