Friday, April 3, 2015

Anvil Industry Medieval Legs

As part of my growing Alpha Legion 30k army that I'm building, I ordered a batch of parts and conversion bits from Anvil Industry. If you've not come across them before, then they're well worth checking out - they're a company from the UK and the make some absolutely awesome bits out of resin. What really stands out is the sheer quality of the bits - absolutely free of air bubbles and minor issues that can sometime plague certain better known companies.

One of the bits that I bought were the Medieval Legs, pictured below.

As can be seen, the legs come in a variety of poses (these are the running ones, combined with a pair of kneeling ones - sold separately). The main thing that stands out about them is their similarity to Heresy Era power armour. Indeed, they look like they'd fit in terrifically well with any of the early marks of space marine power armour - and indeed they do! 

Okay - lets be honest, they're not identical to early era power armour. But they do slot in nicely with conversion work for them!

As I've come to expect from Anvil Industry, these bits are absolutely superb. The clean up is minimal - this can be seen from the image. The amount of flash and vents requiring cutting off is low and they're ready to be glued in to place in minutes - no messing around with liquid greenstuff or the like, no need to bother reshaping them in boiling water (although as with all resin products, some cleaning might be needed to wash it clean of the releasing agents). 

I intend to use these particular legs in converting some space marine recognisance space marines (otherwise known as space marine scouts!). But more on that project on another day.

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