Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mark of War

My long term readers will know that I'm more of a "Mystery Shopper" style reviewer, rather than someone who endorses any old product on a regular basis. That said, I recently got a letter through about a new wargaming video game: Mark of War, by Warpforged Games.

Mark of War is currently on kick-starter and I was asked by the developers if I could spread the word. So I headed over to the page and wondered if I would like what I saw, and if I did, I resolves to give it a plug here on Warpstone Flux. As you can tell by the link at the start of this paragraph, I did like what I see!

In a nut shell, Mark of War is seeking to emulate the feel of a tabletop battle game, but without losing sight of the fun or physical aspects of the tabletop experience. The backstory is high fantasy, but differentiable from others. But what really stands out for me are the modes of gameplay that it offers. Ranging from collecting models, to customisation, through to "mercenary" battles (where, perhaps like opening a new deck in Magic the Gathering, one has to create a functional army from random-ish sub-parts). I like the challenge that is inherent in this style of game. Moreover, Gav Thorpe -- the same one as of Games Workshop fame -- is involved and supporting the project. I'm keen to see the impact that Gav will ultimately make here.

I feel these components are going to make a unique game for the market and I'm excited by what I've seen so far. The studio, Warpforged Games, is a new one, but is clearly being run by gamers with significant experience in the field who are combining their passion of tabletop battles with video games to create something new.

Hence, I'd encourage you to check it out on Kickstarter and see if you like it for yourselves!

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