Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Legion Predator Strike Armour Squadron

If this is your first time thinking about predator tanks, I'd encourage you to check out my previous reviews of Chaos Space Marine predators and Dark Angels predators for some of the basics.

In the 30k era, predators feature most of the options of the two reviews given above (except for twin linked lascannons!), but have extra items to choose between as well. The flame storm cannon is obviously going to be well suited and themed to some legions (e.g. Salamanders) and the plasma destroyer is such a great boon that I can't overlook it for Dark Angels legion fans. The conversion beamer and the magna-melta both provide additional options that are interesting. For the conversion beamer, a good line of sight will certainly be needed at a long distance away. The magna-melta is interesting, but is short range and suffers from armoured tanks taking the armoured ceramite enhancement (which is certainly recommended in 30k era games -- unless you're double bluffing your opponent in to thinking melta guns are not worth it, and hence they don't take any, and therefore you can save points by not taking armoured ceramite! ahhhh…. game theory!).

Here are a few sample builds, but please note I'm only talking about 1 predator tank in each example. A squadron can have up to three. I'd suggest that they would want to be similarly armed and multiples are only chosen for a good reason (i.e. more dakka is needed!).

Legion Predator Tank with Flame Storm Cannon and Heavy Flamer sponsons, armoured ceramite (135 points)
For the Salamanders Legion players amongst you. Or even Death Guard. Add on a pintle mounted heavy flamer for extra fun. And then charge up to everything and engulf it in fire!

Legion Predator Tank with Heavy Conversion Beamer and armoured ceramite (135 points)
Leave in the back field with a good line of sight to opponents and fire away all game. Consider moving on the odd occasion so its not a sitting duck. Add lascannon sponsons for helping take down tanks and monstrous creatures / primarchs. Take command tank for laughs.

Legion Predator Tank with Executioner Plasma Destroyer, Lascannon sponsons, armoured ceramite, machine spirit (205 points)
Expensive. But fun! Save points by ditching the lascannon sponsons and the machine spirit. Then go forth and place plasma blast markers at will. Love this tank!

Legion Predator Tank with Predator Cannon, Heavy Bolter sponsons, armoured ceramite, machine spirit, Havoc Launcher (160 points)
Dakka dakka dakka! I much prefer the havoc launcher over an additional pintle mounted heavy bolter for a bit of extra ranged pressure and response against mobs. Otherwise, this is a pure rate of fire tank. Add a hunter-killer missile if you feel lucky.

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WestRider said...

No love for the classic Auto-Las build? It seems to me that would really come into its own as an all-rounder with the extra shots on the Predator Cannon compared to the usual Autocannon.

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