Monday, August 4, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Legion Heavy Support Squad

Marking the start of the Heavy Support reviews, the Legion Heavy Support Squad is the 30k analogue of the devastator squad or havoc squad. As you might expect, the Legion variation is not quite either of the two 40k versions.

The first major difference is that every member of the squad must be carrying a heavy weapon except for the sergeant. No more filling out squads with bolter marine meat shields for your precious heavier armaments.

Like most elements of a 30k army, we must decide what role the heavy support squad is going to play. Are they going to be sitting there shooting lascannons at tanks, or laying down a rain of firepower despite everything having a 3+ save in the hopes of some of them failing their saves? Are we going to add a Master of Signals for bonus BS and special rules? Or perhaps even an apothecary? Here are a few build ideas.

Legion Heavy Support Squad, 5 members, all with lascannons (235 points)
Place with a Master of Signals and go hunt some tanks. Simple, yet effective if they survive long.

Legion Heavy Support Squad, 10 members, all with Heavy Bolters (235 points)
Simply to hang about and lay down 30 rounds every turn. Some 3+ saves should fail with all this fire power. And its cost is only modest. Replace with auto cannons to taste if required.

Legion Heavy Support Squad, 9 members, all with Heavy Flamers, Sergeant with Nuncio Vox and  Power Fist and Artificer Armour (240 points)
Take with an Apothecary (for a total of 10 members) and a rhino to indulge in some righteous purification of the enemy. Even better if your legion has special flamer rules (e.g. Death Guard).

Legion Heavy Support Squad, 5 members, all with missile launchers and flak missiles (210 points)
This one gets cheaper (i.e. the Flak missiles) if one has more members. So consider upgrading to 10 members for an additional 125 points.

I don't particularly like the multi-melta on this squad considering the sheer amount of armoured ceramite around, coupled with the fact there are probably better ways to melta enemy tanks away. The volkite culverin is a bit 50/50 for me. And the plasma cannon could be very entertaining, but perhaps for this squad, I'd be wanting to take some of the above options instead.


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