Monday, August 25, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Legion Spartan Assault Tank

If the army needs a tank to get a large squad of troops in to the right position and have them assault right out of the tank, then one cannot go too far past the Spartan. Perhaps this is even suitable for a Praetor / Primarch plus bodyguard (terminator?) squad if one is not considering the standard Phobos or Proteus land raiders.

The major benefit of the Spartan is the transport capacity -- a whopping 25 models can be accommodated in its interior. But on top of this, it gets quad (yep -- QUAD!) lascannons for its sponsons. These can be swapped out for laser destroyers should you really feel the need, but I can't see nothing too wrong with the quad lascannons in the first place (beyond "we have to take them" - but thats a different issue).

Here are a couple of builds.

Legion Spartan Assault Tank, twin-linked heavy flamers, armoured ceramite, flare shield, dozer blade, frag assault launchers (355 points)
Wow - a real points sink here. But could be totally worth it to make its frontal arc all but impervious to the heaviest amount of fire power. A direct assault seems the best way to take out this tank, which is why I've switched out the heavy bolters for the heavy flamers as a defence mechanism. This is one for the command squads of melee-loving legions (e.g., World Eaters, etc.).

Legion Spartan Assault Tank, dozer blade, armoured ceramite, havoc launcher (335 points)
Slightly cheaper, but able to pressure different units (e.g., standard infantry) due to the havoc launcher.

Legion Spartan Assault Tank with quad-laser destroyers, and pintle mounted heavy bolter (310 points)
A gratuitous attempt to make the range of the sponsons the same as the hull mounted heavy bolters, and adds on another heavy bolter on a pintle just for fun. A bit more of a dakka style build than the other ones above and dangerous to monstrous creatures (potentially).

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